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Apollo will be mobile-aware!
January 31, 2007

In an intervew with IDG network ,President and COO of Adobe , Shantanu Narayen says Adobe’s soon to be released cross-platform runtime Apollo, will be mobile aware.

Although details on what that exactly means is not available, sounds like it has something to do with author once run everywhere concept , which translates to less headache for developer.

Its a fact that Adobe is generating some cash though Flashcast service on NTTDOCOMO.[Everytime user request content, Adobe gets paid].Its not clear if the “mobile awareness” of Apollo has something to do with Flashlite or Flashcast.

Interview is here.


IndiMad (Adobe Mobile & Devices User Group India ) launched.
January 31, 2007


Mariam Dholkawala  has announced the launch of Adobe Mobile & Devices User Group India[IndiMad].

To get involved read this blog entry.

And its not just for Flashlite devs from India. As the blog entry suggests, its open for everyone.

Here is a list of all[most?] Adobe mobile and devices user groups live [just incase you are searching for your local flavor]

On a lighter note,apologies for not updating this blog for a long time.Thanks to the never ending inflow of projects! Blogging is getting back to my 43 things!