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Flash Lite to lose its virginity soon! FlashLite3 will support FLV!!
February 12, 2007

Via [Ryan, JD ]
Totally exciting announcement from Adobe.. Flashlite 3 will have native flv support! [as of now Flash lite supports only device videos].
This essentially means that everything flashlity on the mobile will support flv[mashups,wallpapers, name it!].And yes! Its does support streaming video.

Flashlite 3 is expected to be released by mid 2007.


update:TheĀ  story is on Techmeme.


iPhone killer [clone?] with Flash UI.
February 8, 2007

Just saw this on Ryan’s entry on Zdnet. Samsung will soon roll out Ultrasmart F700 with Flash UI and full html browsing.

With full touchscreen trend catching up, most probably this will be the first phone in the genre for flash lite developers to play around.[considering the restriction on third party content development for iPhone].

Flashlite Vs. SVG
February 3, 2007

An entry posted in ITPro claims that “device shipments using XML-based multimedia open standard is twice as popular as proprietary Flash units.”
Sam Sweet of Ikivo says that more than 225 million devices with SVG tiny have been shipped worldwide while Flashlite is at 115million. The source of this figure is not stated anywhere. I am not sure, if this is a relevant news in itself, as Flashlite 1.1 /above comes with SVG Tiny support.

Article [The link will most probably freeze your browser!Thanks to the buggy flash banners featuring Intel ads.]

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Here is a responseĀ  to the press release from John Dowdell.