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Yahoo Flash Platform Blog
August 18, 2007

The Flash Platform team at Yahoo! has launched a new blog ,YswfBlog . Hoping to see great content soon!

Youtube Mobile launched
June 17, 2007

Youtube seem to have officially launched the mobile version at the moment ,this is not a full blown feature perfect version( doesn’t have profile specific features yet).

The site was first sighted during February 07 [test mode,entitled Youtube ToGo].

The interface is sleek and video streams as 3gp over rtsp. Must be an easy hack to create a Flashlite frontend with a little bit of scrapping. anyone?

iPhone killer [clone?] with Flash UI.
February 8, 2007

Just saw this on Ryan’s entry on Zdnet. Samsung will soon roll out Ultrasmart F700 with Flash UI and full html browsing.

With full touchscreen trend catching up, most probably this will be the first phone in the genre for flash lite developers to play around.[considering the restriction on third party content development for iPhone].

Flashlite Digest #9
May 27, 2006

Flashlite Digest #9

If you havent yet heard of it, there is a super cool thing going on the flashlite community. A weekly digest on Flashlite happenings around the globe & blogosphere.An awesome initiative by Marco Casario.

Check out this week's Digest here

[hei ! Dont stare! Links definitly increase visibility! 🙂 ]

Flashlite Alert!
May 25, 2006

Just decided to seperate Flashlite from my usual blog,which is mostly adulterated by "other stuff". So here we go!

A few links worth mentioning[ported from my earlier posts there] are:this and this.