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Flash on iPhone?
February 12, 2008

Geoff Kaman
Geoff Kaman?Seriously?

Stating a “reliable source”, Gearlive claims that “Flash support is on its way to the iPhone, and it should be coming very, very soon”.
If this is true, it will be interesting to see how Adobe plans to deal with iPhone’s multitouch feature.Perhaps new actionscript events and an update for CS3?

iPhone killer [clone?] with Flash UI.
February 8, 2007

Just saw this on Ryan’s entry on Zdnet. Samsung will soon roll out Ultrasmart F700 with Flash UI and full html browsing.

With full touchscreen trend catching up, most probably this will be the first phone in the genre for flash lite developers to play around.[considering the restriction on third party content development for iPhone].

Apollo will be mobile-aware!
January 31, 2007

In an intervew with IDG network ,President and COO of Adobe , Shantanu Narayen says Adobe’s soon to be released cross-platform runtime Apollo, will be mobile aware.

Although details on what that exactly means is not available, sounds like it has something to do with author once run everywhere concept , which translates to less headache for developer.

Its a fact that Adobe is generating some cash though Flashcast service on NTTDOCOMO.[Everytime user request content, Adobe gets paid].Its not clear if the “mobile awareness” of Apollo has something to do with Flashlite or Flashcast.

Interview is here.

Flashlite hit news headline
October 25, 2006

Yes fellow people! Lots of positive press pouring in for Flash and Flashlite  in investor/business community, with Verizon’s decision to Go Flash.Latest is the article in

The news was originally blogged by Alessandro, referring to  an Adobe press release.

Forbes article give special mention  to “over-the-air” upgrade feature,which is pretty cool BTW!

Overall, October looks like a great month for Adobe. With Google’s acquisition of Youtube, business/investor community  is already swarmed with Adobe buzz words all around them!For developer,all this great press coverage targeting business community, translates to a potential decrease in “Oh ! i heard its annoying” response from clients.

And the most coolest of it all, Adobe’s plans to invest around $100,000,000 in Apollo based innovations.

Another great article on Adobe at  Business 2.0 is here

Flashlite Alert!
May 25, 2006

Just decided to seperate Flashlite from my usual blog,which is mostly adulterated by "other stuff". So here we go!

A few links worth mentioning[ported from my earlier posts there] are:this and this.